A loyalty program that adds real value

The Old Way

Every loyalty program has its own centralised system for earning and redeeming its unique points.

The Problem

The average consumer has 30 rewards programs but 50% are inactive and 30% never redeem a single point!

The Solution

Issue your loyalty tokens on Supermoney and increase their liquidity and visibility and therefore their value.


How It Works

Issuing your loyalty points on the Supermoney network is easy.

Simply open a Supermoney merchant account and request the creation of your loyalty token.

Finally,  download the ToucanPay app and add your loyalty wallet. As the owner of the loyalty token, you have complete control over its supply and distribution. 


Why choose Supermoney for Loyalty

The Liquidity Premium

Most loyalty programs have their own points system where accumulated points can only be redeemed with the same retailer. This centralization of points drastically limits their value and use. In fact, rewards not being valuable enough is the top reason why Millennials stop using loyalty programs.

The actual monetary value of the reward is much lower than the economic value given to it by the issuer when you consider the limitations placed on how, where and even when the points can be spent.

In economic terms, this is referred to as the liquidity of an asset. The more liquid the asset, the more easily and quickly it can be exchanged for cash. The more liquid an asset, the more valuable it is to people. According to research, increased liquidity can add more than 20% value.

Supercharged Value

Liquidity gives loyalty points super powers. Creating a token for your loyalty program and allowing your members to exchange points with each other, other businesses, and even redeem their loyalty points for cash will substantially add value.

Early adopters of this technology are likely to reap the rewards as they attract more customers to their superior rewards programs. The more valuable the tokens people are earning, the more willing people are going to be to spend more to earn more as well.

Additional value can be generated from the insights derived from the patterns of behaviour of your members. With the Supermoney program, you get realtime information on exactly how and when customers are earning points and what they do with them. 

Other Unique Benefits

The Supermoney rewards solution allows you to promote your brand in new ways. Tokens can be placed physically (using QR codes) and virtually (think Pokemon Go) to be collected by customers as part of your broader marketing strategy.

Once customers are using the app to collect, trade and redeem your tokens, they can also use it to pay for goods with real money at a fraction of the cost charged by other merchant service providers.  

Or you can integrate Supermoney into your own app and follow in the footsteps of Starbucks for digital engagement...


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